How To Easily Populate Your Facebook Fanpage with Content

In this lesson I am going to show you how to populate your page with content. It is important that before you start trying to get people to like your page it must have some content in it. No one would like to click the like button on a page that do not have any content at all. It would be good if you have prepared your own content to be posted on your page. If you have an existing website then it would be good to use some of its contents on the Facebook page. But in this lesson let us see how we can populate our page even if we do not have a website or our own content.

Before you can start getting lots of real likes, your page must look very active and people should see that they will benefit from liking your page. What does it mean? It means that we need to fill your Fan page with good content. No one would like a page that look like this one, a page that is bare, devoid of content. Good content is free to get from the web. All we need to do is collect some content from different sources that are related to our niche. The content must be a mix of articles, videos, and images. The content you put in your page must be fun to see.

I have started many facebook pages this way. Starting without any content of my own. I just borrowed other people’s content. The owner of the content would be happy if you share their content on your page, it would bring traffic to their page. Later, as the number of likes grow in your page and people start to get active in the page you can start putting in your own content. Then later you can start subtly mixing in the content you share articles about products that you promote. Of course the products that we will promote on this page are related to DIY stuff. The page will also be good at driving traffic to a site that is monetized by Adsense or the like.

I have collected some links to relevant articles, some good images, and some videos to use in populating our new page. I am going to post this image I found through Google. We upload it to our page and write a little comment to help make it look natural. This image speaks a hundred words, we really do not need to explain it, a good DIY person will immediately see what it says. Of course, it is not only images that we need to put in our page, we should have variety. So we will post an article. The owner of this article would be happy that we share it on our page. I just went to Youtube and searched for some good looking DIY videos. I guess this one looks good enough to be shared on our page. For the sake of populating our page. Then we share another DIY article, another good one. So I guess that by now you know the drift. After creating our page we need to populate it with content relevant to what our page is all about. It is good if we have our own content to share, but since most of those who are just starting out start with nothing, borrowing other people’s content will do at this time. It is a win win situation, we get free content for our page to start rolling by borrowing other people’s content and the owners of the contents get free traffic from our page. Just remember that variety is important. We need a mix of articles, videos, and images. There are different kinds of people on the web, some like reading, some can understand things better by watching videos; others just like quick pictures that tell thousands of words. We must get the attention of all these kinds of audiences and one way of doing it is providing the type of content that they like consuming. Of course you can not keep on doing this, sharing other people’s content on your page. As your page grows with fans you should slowly put in your own content, content that will bring you money. We will have more on how to monetize your own content in the next few lessons. What is important now is that you understand that the manner in which you share contents now should make your sharing of your own “monetized” content in the future less detectable.

The fans of your page should not know that you are trying to earn money out of them. When people become aware that you are trying to sell them something, it will be twice as hard to make them buy. So, as much as possible, when you start sharing your own content, it must look as if you are still sharing other people’s contents like usual, and the links in the articles you share that lead to offer pages are just innocent inclusions. But it is another story when you start out as someone who is selling something; when right in the beginning you make it clear that you are there to sell stuff that they need. The mind set of fans would also be different, they would be set to buy after they liked your page because they knew from the beginning that you are a seller. But the downside of coming out as a seller from the beginning is that very few people would like your page. You can only get many likes coming out as a seller if you are a known brand. So, the best option for a virtually unknown person to make money out of his Facebook page is to start by providing purely good content at first, building the fans’ trust. Later on, when there are enough likes on the page, he can slowly put in his monetized content. It could be articles from his own website that display CPC banners or it could be a cleverly crafted landing page that sells a product related to the niche of the Facebook page. What is shown in this video is just a little bit of what populating your new page means. This should be done in the span of three to seven days before you start actively getting likes from the Facebookers. When I say “actively getting likes” I am actually talking about the core of this whole course. I am talking about the different methods of getting thousands of real targetted likes. And this process of populating our new facebook page is part of the preparation for the next bigger steps. Post at least ten good contents everyday for a week and you will see the kind of transformation that your page will have. It will look like an old page that has been there for quite some time. With a page that looks old it would be easier to get people to like it. When people could not see where the first post in the page is, after they scrolled down for a few seconds, they will have the impression that the page has been in existence for a while and trust it enough to click the like button.

Those who are smart enough to see that the page is new, because it doesn’t have likes, will think twice before clicking the like button. What will make them click the like button despite the fact that they see that the page is new? The answer is good content. So be sure to choose the content you borrow from other people, be sure that they are interesting and worth trusting. So choose the content you share wisely, be sure to remember to have variety, that is having a mix of videos, articles, and images. I have started many facebook pages this way. Starting without any content of my own. I just borrowed other people’s content. I hope that by now you have a clear picture of what it takes to populate your brand new Facebook page with content when you do not have your own to start with. Now, the preparation of our page is almost done, if we scroll down we can see that this no loner looks bare like earlier. It would look far better if we do the populating in the span of one whole week, we post a few contents each day, the dates on the posts would matter to some of the more experienced Facebook users. If they see that all the posts on the page were posted on the same day they will see that the page is new. But if they see different dates of posting they will trust the page more. Now we are done with this lesson. I hope you now have a good knowledge about populating your new page with content. We can now move on to the next lesson.

We have just posted the last borrowed article for now, let us post the last image and then we proceed to the next lesson. There, it is done, it looks good.

How To Create Your Facebook Fan Page

This lesson will show you how to create you Facebook page. This step is very easy and straightforward. To create a Facebook page you must have a Facebook account. Any account will do, even a fresh account. In this lesson we are using a freshly made account. I have just created this account, as you can see it doesn’t even have a cover. Friends as of this time is not important. We can grow our page even if the profile we are using doesn’t have any friends. This profile is bare, it doesn’t have a post, we only have our profile picture for starters. We are creating a page that is dedicated to Do it yourself, a niche that can be profitable if approached correctly. We will name this page “Everyday Do-it-yourself Ninja.”

To start creating your page, click this button right here, and from the drop down menu, choose “Create Page.” We are given a lot of options but we will choose “Community” because the page we are going to create is a community. We now type in the name of our page, Everyday D.i.y. Ninja. After clicking the Get Started button we are prompted to enter some details about our page. I have prepared a short line of description and we will just copy and paste it here. This is just a quick description. We can edit this later. We can add a lot more to the description later too in the long description section. Then we will enter a unique Facebook web address for our page, it should be easy to remember. Of course the best address to choose is the name of our page. After entering our desired Facebook web address, we proceed to uploading a profile picture. The profile picture you choose plays a very important role in having people actually like your page. People judge by what they see. I hastily created a cute ninja profile picture. A ninja a person who excels in a particular skill or activity and DIY people are considered ninjas in their own right.

After uploading a profile picture we are prompted to promote the page. We are not doing it as of now so we will skip it. Now your page is created and published, and Facebook will show you help tips in case you know nothing about the parts of Facebook pages. To enhance the look of our page, we will upload a cover picture or a header. Now, the page looks good after we have uploaded the cover image.

We are now looking at a published Facebook page. The next step is tweaking the settings of the page. We will start with the most basic of page settings. We can do the bigger settings later.

We now click the Settings button to go to the Settings section. We do not want spammers to feast on our page, so we will prevent them from doing it by not allowing everyone the ability to post on our timeline. We uncheck these two boxes here. We can leave the other settings at default as of now. We will go back to them later as we progress with our page and new settings are needed. Everything in this section looks good as of now, so let us go to the Page Info section to see if there are things we could tweak there. In the Page info section you can add the long description for your page. It is helpful to add important keywords in this section, it will help people find your page when they do a search on Facebook. We will leave this blank as of now, here we can add a website if we have one. We can add the long description and website later. What is important is that I have shown you where to add the long description and website. This is the Page Roles section. we can see that there is only one Admin controlling this page as of now. Later I will show you how to add multiple administrators to this page via this section.

Evergreen Niches

Here are more niches that can be considered evergreen:

Hobbies and Interests. This niche includes biking, stamp collecting, bird watching, skateboarding.

Crafts: knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, drawing, cheap jewelry creation. This niche is great for promoting crafts materials that come from Amazon.

Do-it-Yourself. Home repair, gardening, carpentry, DIY projects. This niche is also great for promoting Amazon products.

Funny videos and Interesting Stuff. This is quite saturated niche but with a twist you can squeeze a good amount of money out of it every month. Do you know how much site like nine gag earn every month? If you know how much these kinds of sites are making every month, I am sure you’ll start your own funny videos and interesting stuff page.

News and Trends. This is good for monetizing with Adsense. Once you have enough fans in your fan page you will see a good amount of traffic pouring into your site every time you update your page.

The list of niches that you can try can be limitless. If you will take time to do some research, spy on some pages and sites, you will discover a lot of niches that could be green with money. You must change your way of looking at Facebook now. Every time you log on to Facebook use the marketer’s eye. Observe your news feed, look at the kind of advertisements that appear on Facebook, check them out if you feel that they could be interesting, who knows you will stumble upon a gold mine of a niche.

The niches I have shown you are enough to get you started. It would be good if one of the things that you are passionate about falls under any one of these evergreen niches. After you find a niche you like, we can proceed to the next module which is about making your fan page.

How To Enable the Handwriting Input Feature in Gmail

If you do not know about it yet, Gmail has a handwriting input feature that you can use during certain situations, like when you want to input characters from a language that is not supported by your current keyboard, or when you just feel the need to have some handwriting input in your email. This feature is also useful to those who are incapable of typing due to so form of disability. Here are the simple steps to take to enable this feature:

Step 1: Log into your Gmail account and open the Settings menu.  Under the General tab you will find the settings for Gmail display language. Click on ‘Show all language options‘ to show more language settings options.

Gmail display language settings

 (click on the image to enlarge)


Step 2:  Check the box beside Enable input tools.

gmail 2



Step 3:  After you click on the box beside Enable input tools, the Input Tools window will pop up. Select the language or languages you would like to  be able to handwrite into Gmail.  Just double click on the language(s) on the left column and it will be selected and appear on the right column. Click OK and the Input Tools window will close. Scroll down the page and look for the ‘Save Changes’ button, be sure to click it to save your new settings. Gmail will then reload.





Step 4:  After Gmail reloads you will see the pencil icon on the upper right corner.




Step 5: Select the language you want to write in.




Step 6: Click on the Compose button and when the the compose window comes up click on the pencil icon, the the Handwriting Input tool will popup and you can begin to input handwriting.  As you write the tool will try to guess what you would like to input and show you suggestion. You can click on the right one and it will automatically be inputted into the email you are composing.



How to Prevent Chrome From Freezing When Using Facebook

I have noticed lately that Chrome hangs or freezes up every time I use Facebook. It usually happens after I get past the login page. This is quite annoying because I use Facebook everyday and I do not want to use another browser just to be able to access Facebook. I did a little research and I found out that there are lots of those who have the same experience as me. There are a number of solutions offered online but only one worked for me. This is it: open a new tab in Chrome and paste this to the address bar: chrome:flags and press the Enter key. On the page that will show disable GPU-composting and Threaded composting. Restart Chrome and see how Facebook loads smoothly on Chrome.

chrome flags