Evergreen Niches

Here are more niches that can be considered evergreen:

Hobbies and Interests. This niche includes biking, stamp collecting, bird watching, skateboarding.

Crafts: knitting, quilting, scrapbooking, drawing, cheap jewelry creation. This niche is great for promoting crafts materials that come from Amazon.

Do-it-Yourself. Home repair, gardening, carpentry, DIY projects. This niche is also great for promoting Amazon products.

Funny videos and Interesting Stuff. This is quite saturated niche but with a twist you can squeeze a good amount of money out of it every month. Do you know how much site like nine gag earn every month? If you know how much these kinds of sites are making every month, I am sure you’ll start your own funny videos and interesting stuff page.

News and Trends. This is good for monetizing with Adsense. Once you have enough fans in your fan page you will see a good amount of traffic pouring into your site every time you update your page.

The list of niches that you can try can be limitless. If you will take time to do some research, spy on some pages and sites, you will discover a lot of niches that could be green with money. You must change your way of looking at Facebook now. Every time you log on to Facebook use the marketer’s eye. Observe your news feed, look at the kind of advertisements that appear on Facebook, check them out if you feel that they could be interesting, who knows you will stumble upon a gold mine of a niche.

The niches I have shown you are enough to get you started. It would be good if one of the things that you are passionate about falls under any one of these evergreen niches. After you find a niche you like, we can proceed to the next module which is about making your fan page.